It’s always good to start with a pencil or a brush pen to know how the letterforms will interact with each other, another important thing is to make each custom logotype legible thanks to kerning, the balance between positive and negative space, stroke weight, after that it’s to make it unique with either big or small details.

Things don’t always go as expected when creating a custom wordmark, there is a lot of problems that you need to solve along the way, and you have to be patient making tiny adjustments, it’s in these small adjustments that you can make a big difference.

Scribbles made with a Zebra Disposable Brush Pen – Fine tip and a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.


First rough sketch

Refined sketch

Vector details

Secondary Mark

The secondary mark is used when the full logotype doesn’t fit due to size constraints, for example, favicons.

The first capital letter ‘M’ of the full wordmark is memorable enough to represent the brand without citing the full brand name.


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