Why Typography?

Have you ever asked yourself why the typography on your screen looks a certain way and in other instances, it looks different?
Why we use typography? Why should we care about typography? It’s just letters, words and fonts after all right?
In this article, you will discover the number one goal of typography, being aware of such matter will give you a huge advantage when designing and will prevent you from doing things that you shouldn’t be doing.

Typography is about communicating a message.
Good typography reinforces the meaning of the text.
Good typography fits and reflects its message.

That means the way you use typography will depend on the context you are working on.
This means you judge your work by its context/function first, if it’s not suited to the task, it’s not doing its job properly.

Close your eyes for a second and imagine someone who is a good communicator, I am sure you have pictured someone who not only has something to say but has also a good body language, a pleasant tone of voice etc. that helps him back up the content, it’s the same thing with typography.
You have a message/content and how you choose to use typography will either help reinforce or undermine the meaning of the text.

If you don’t give typography the attention it should deserve, your message will be undermined.



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