Dribbble is an online community for showcasing user-made artwork. It functions as a self-promotion and networking platform for graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, and other creative areas.

The Challenge

Dribbble first logo has been created by its founder Dan Cederlhom, its first iteration was a combination from two existent fonts, the logo was refined later on. Read more about the process here.
The challenge was to update the existing wordmark while making sure not to spoil the brand equity that was already built but rather creating a logotype that was more refined and consistent.

Original wordmark.

Highlighting the main issues of the old logo.

Problems and Solutions

Monoline wordmarks are tricky because if you draw all the strokes following the same width you will end up with something that looks very inconsistent. When two strokes overlap they create a surplus of black thus making the type looks heavier, the solution is to taper a stroke just slightly so that the whole wordmark looks consistent.

The following animation shows this optical illusion and how it can be solved.

Optical illusion

The first letter ‘b’ is modified in order to achieve visual balance.

Revised wordmark.


Overall the new logotype is more legible at small sizes, looks more consistent and has a natural flow/rhythm.
The original wordmark was based on two fonts and therefore had many inconsistencies, the refreshed wordmark looks much more harmonious.

Combination mark, the ball icon belongs to Dribbble.

Custom logotype

Type of project


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