Digitizing your type is something that shouldn't be neglected or done half heartedly.

Creating vector handles and adjusting them over and over may look like a boring and tedious task but it is not, you will find joy and satisfaction when your piece slowly comes together.

The success of digitizing lettering depends only on two things, where you place your anchor points and how you place your vector handles, below are some of the most helpful tips and tricks that I discovered along my journey of vectorizing type.

Extremum points

Extremum or Beziers points are points that are either vertical or horizontal. Try to always create your points at the extreme of your curves, naturally they will be either horizontal or vertical, this technique gives you a lot of control over your curves.

Note that some complex curves can't be drawn by a succession of horizontal and vertical handles, you have to break the rule in that context.


Beziers handles

Less points

If you can delete an anchor point and manage to maintain the same curve, that point is not essential, therefore you should delete it.

Keeping only the essential points is a must to have greater control over your curves.

Left: Only the essential points. Right: More points that are not essential.

Use Open Corners

A good trick that will save you a lot of time and hassle is to work with open corners, you will have more control over your curves and those tricky points that make the intersection of two shapes will be created easily and naturally.

Why use open corners and how to use them.

Be patient

Be patient, digitizing a piece of type takes a lot of time and energy, you will certainly make a lot of adjustments after digitizing your sketch. Don't rush the process, you don't want to come back to your published work and finally notice many inconsistencies. Take your time, go back and forth on your draft, and refine it until it's polished, make your work age like a fine wine.

It is all about making things look right

When making adjustments, always make to sure that what you have at the end looks right. You will find many optical illusions and you will need to optically adjust them in order to accomplish the right look.

What you see on your paper will not look the same as on your screen, be prepared to make the right refinements.


There isn't a better way of learning than practicing, you will learn more by trial and error, experiment, try all the possibilities and see where it leads you, don't be too rigid, rules are only good when applied in the appropriate context.

Play the Beziers Game and the Shape Type Game

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