Voiceflow is working to democratize conversational AI - making the creation of conversational interfaces easy, collaborative and accessible to all.

Voiceflow is a web application that helps people design, prototype, and build voice apps without coding. The app has been featured in TechCrunch, in Product Hunt as the #1 Product of the day and as the #2 Product of the week.

Exploring different directions was key to discover how the letterforms could work together and what parts we could leverage to create a memorable and unique wordmark.

The first capital letter is distinctive and memorable enough to be used as a stand-alone icon across different channels where the full wordmark doesn't fit.

Lance understood our brand direction from day one and delivered a logo that captured the creativity and professionalism of our brand.

Michael HoodCo-founder

Voiceflow old logo featured a lettermark paired with a typeface (Lato). Using a typeface as a wordmark isn't always a good idea because typefaces are usually meant to be readable, as such they lack character and personality.

The new wordmark was created completly from scratch. From idea — sketches to manual vectorizing. The final result is a memorable and ownable wordmark, making Voiceflow stand out amongst its competitors.

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